Youth Development and Services: Our team consists of Gen Y experts. We interact with over 10,000 Gen Y consumers each year to provide a full array of client services including career advising, information sessions, eligibility determination, and enrollment processing into post-secondary education and
training opportunities.

Workforce and Career Development Services: We engage and support over 6,000 Gen Y consumers, including providing a full array of workforce, employment and career development and facilitation services. Our staff are experts at delivering career assessments, career advisement, career coaching, job development, and case management services.

Outreach and Marketing: CSI develops and operates community outreach/public education plans in three states. CSI staff creates marketing and media materials to communicate government information and opportunities to stakeholders, coordinate community outreach events, and present materials to thousands of individuals and groups each year. CSI has over 50 employees who provide field support for a national marketing campaign to educate Gen Y students about post-secondary education and training opportunities.

Reintegration, Reentry and Transition Coordination and Services: CSI is an expert at coordinating, facilitating and providing transition assistance to people making huge changes in their lives. We annually transition over 5,500 young adults from their home environment to a post-secondary education and training residential environment. We currently provide retention services to over 5,500 students per year, using a structured system of support services, case management, and mentoring developed by CSI. We transition over 2,500 graduates from post-secondary training to new employee status, including the military using.

Security Support Services: CSI employees have over 20 years relevant experience in providing the full spectrum of security, protection and investigative services including operational and program development, management, training and consultation.

Educational Support Services: CSI has delivered hundreds of hours of training to military and civilian personnel, including classroom teaching and learning at the K-16 levels. CSI employees have developed and delivered training to tens of thousands of Gen Y students. CSI has developed extensive training materials for diverse clients and population groups.

Administrative, Management, and Program Support Services: CSI manages government contracts with the Department of Labor valued at six million annually. We employ and manage other small business companies as sub-contractors. CSI manages payroll and transition pay in excess of $16 million per year. Our corporation and employees meet federal requirements to use secure government data management systems.

Logistics, Property, and Facilities Management: CSI manages over one million dollars in government furnished property and equipment at over 25 locations nationwide. We manage travel arrangements for over five thousand students per year. We have experience providing conference and event planning for large and small groups.
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